Telephone Management

What is a Telephone Management System?

A Telephone Management System captures live call records from your telephone system and allows the user to create a number of meaningful reports. These reports could then be sent via mail to the management in the company.

Why do companies need a Telephone Management System?

A Telephone Management System can be used, to assist in controlling the total cost of telephone calls as well as the amount of time your employees spend on their phones

What size company is suitable for a Telephone Management System?

Whether it be a small home office or a multinational corporation, a Telephone Management System will assist you.

Frolgate Mobile has helped small, medium and large corporates cut their costs of communication by at most 60%, helping them save a lot of money. We have helped businesses find suitable solutions to manage their communication environments from Banks, Insurance, telecommunications companies, mines, government departments, health and many more.

Benefits of Adopting a Telephony Management System

  • Reduce calling charges by allocating each end user a fixed budget.
  • Able to track calls to and from the business.
  • Maintain a consistent level of customer service
  • Identify switchboard attendants who need more training
  • Pinpoint areas of concern/success from the call traffic reports
  • More easily gauge employee productivity
  • Graphical Reporting on Extension / Exchange / Account Codes or Pin Codes / Busy Hour Graphs and History Graphs* Automatic Emailing of Unauthorized Calls
  • Monitor abusive calls by Cost, Duration and Incoming Ring Time (Top 40/120/300 Reporting)
  • Monitor who’s phoning you (CLI)
  • Multiple Level Password Protection
  • Unlimited Database Size
  • Multiple Carriers (Up to 10 billing profiles)
  • Automatic Exporting
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Built in Guest Package