Our Services


We have experts in Engineering and in sales who can translate your challenges into opportunities for your business. Most businesses across industry verticals have experienced the most growth through enablement from our services. We have helped businesses boost their competitive advantage by identifying how technology can help them meet their business objectives. Our dedicated presales engineers work with your business to address risk and compliance, improve agility and unlock the desired outcomes.


Address Risks & Compliance


Improve Agility

Unlock Desired Outcomes

Our experts can help you map your journey to digital ready networks. Frolgate Technology helps you or works with you to create the blueprint for your ICT transformation in your security, compute, storage and networking infrastructure. Featured technology services are;

  • Network advisory services
  • Cloud advisory services
  • Security advisory services, and
  • Secure datacenter advisory services


Our implementation experts speed up time to value. We have engineers with over 15 years experiences in deploying different technologies, and we also have experienced project and product managers. Our expertise will help you lower total cost of ownership to stay focused on your core business. Our Implementation Services help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans and to validate, migrate, and integrate new technologies in your network.

Decrease Cost

Mitigate Network Exposure

Improve Business Outcomes


Over the years, the Frolgate Technology Group has achieved milestones in developing talent truly capable of transforming businesses. We have worked together with our vendor community to have our engineers and sales teams certified to the highest levels hence our opinion can not be ignored in the markets. We have networking, storage management, server infrastructure, security and services specialists.


We have experts across our product portfolio who help us accelerate and protect your IT value. We offer different types of technical services as a way of enabling our customers to manage their IT investments. We do skills transfer where needed. We value our technical services as a big secret to faster technology adoption. We have innovated around our technical services and this has given our customers peace of mind as they let us manage the technology investment while they focus on growing their business.



Fewer Shortages


Faster Problem Resolution


Decreased risk of security breach

We believe our customers can achieve greater results with the next generation high value services we offer. The customers can unlock greater value from their IT investments. This comes from our top product support to high value services which we provide proactively and the prescriptive services we offer for hardware, software, multivendor solutions, and network environments.

Our senior engineers both presales, implementation and post sales can enhance IT operations and maximize uptime to consistently and securely keep our customers’ businesses running smoothly.